Mi Nails for international customers

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Yritän parhaani mukaan kirjoittaa tämän postuksen englanniksi, syystä että Mi Nails on uudistunut. En ole yhteistyössä, enkä hyödy postauksesta. – I write this post in English because our Finnish nail art shop Mi Nails has been renewed and there is items available also for international shoppers! I don´t write this post for co-operation, just as a kind gesture for a good friend.


Mi Nails has own vinyl selection, Mi Vinyls, which grows little by little. There are 23 colour choise for vinyls and you can also create your own vinyls for nails or decoration! Just contact Mirva and talk about options. Mi Nails has kind and fast customer service.

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You can find from store Mi Vinyls, Milv and Blue sea water decals, Uber Chic mats and stamping plates with good price and some other items which can be shipped by letter. Mi Nails has also at times variable selection of other brands. Nail polishes can´t be shipped from Finland or it is very expensive.



Instagram: @minailsfi #minailsfi #mivinyls Facebook: Mi Nails



  • Yves Rocher SOS resistant base coat
  • Gina Tricot Soft Pink
  • Nfu Oh NFU FS09
  • Gina Tricot Licorice
  • Seche Vite
  • Liquid latex
  • Mi Vinyls Vertical triangles and Diamonds





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